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Characteristics You Want in Your Residential Security Fencing

Characteristics You Want in Your Residential Security Fencing

There are certain characteristics that any security fencing will have, and these are the most common traits you’ll find.

People who think about security fencing will think about a strong and formidable structure that will keep others out and keep them protected. They may think about a fence that is tall and difficult to scale or one that has a barrier to keep people from peering into their yard. There are certain characteristics that all security fences will have, and these are the most common traits you’ll find.

Security Fencing Should Be See-Through

While people might think that putting up a barrier to prevent people from seeing your yard is a good thing, it’s actually detrimental to you. If you put up a barrier, you won’t be able to see intruders coming. You want to minimize the number of potential hiding spots an intruder will have. This makes it easier to find unwanted guests before they breach your defenses. Make sure your security fencing has spacing between its boards.

Security Fencing Should Be Tall

Security fencing can, and should, be around 8 feet in height. This makes it harder for people to climb over your fence. If you can go taller than 8 feet, it can be helpful. However, there may be HOA regulations or city ordinances in place that prevent you from doing this, so make sure your fence abides by the rules.

Difficult to Climb

Being tall isn’t the only way to make your security fencing tough to scale. You can also make it tough by using more vertical rails instead of horizontal ones. Horizontal rails give people footing they can use to get over your fence. If you have to use horizontal rails, make sure they are on your side of the fence. The spacing between the fence boards also has to be narrow enough to prevent people from getting any footing.

Security Locks

Padlocks for doors or gates along your security fencing are a must. You could go with either self-latching or automatic locks, depending on preference. When you install a locking mechanism, make sure no one can stick their hand in between your fence’s bars and get the latch opened themselves. This will ultimately render your locking system useless.

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