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What is a Picket Fence, Anyways?

picket fence

The picket fence actually has a long history behind it.

We all know that white picket fences are synonymous with classic Americana, but what exactly is a picket fence, and where did the term white picket fence come from?

Where Does the Picket Fence Come From?

The word picket comes from the French word “piquet.” That term refers to the verb “to pierce,” which is why the picket of your white picket fence looks like a spear. Pickets were initially used as spears to pierce during battles or war. They also gained traction through use as barriers. The verb form means to “enclose within a picket fence or stockade, as for protection or imprisonment,” to reflect the early use as a primitive fence.

Picket fences were popular because they were relatively easy to make, so you didn’t need to be wealthy or particularly skilled to make them.

When Did White Picket Fences Become Popular?

Since early colonial times in America, white picket fences have been installed to accent and protect homes. The classic design used locally found wood or round stakes and was installed to keep animals and kids in the yard and potential intruders out.

Beyond their practical purposes, homeowners in early colonial times loved simple ways of showing off their wealth and prosperity. Fences were a great way to show off their home more, accent their simple landscaping or garden, and display that they had extra money to spend on things that weren’t viewed as totally necessary.

After the colonial times, white picket fences continued to grow in popularity. Once cities and towns got more crowded, homeowners needed a way to show where each property ended and began and security became more of a concern. The white picket fence continued to grow in popularity and is still popular for homeowners today. The white picket fence has truly stood the test of time as a symbol of prosperity and protection.

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