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Reasons to Install Vinyl Fencing

Reasons to Install Vinyl Fencing

There are many reasons to choose vinyl fencing as your material of choice.

There are lots of reasons why you could be in the market for a new fence. Perhaps you don’t have one at all, and you need to secure your yard for a new pet or kid or simply to protect your property. Or, if you do have a fence, perhaps you need to replace it. Whatever the reason, when it comes to fence shopping, you might be overwhelmed by the options. Many people default to wood because it is traditional (and often the least expensive option), but there are many reasons to choose vinyl fencing as your material of choice. Here are a few of them.

Vinyl Fencing is Durable

Vinyl is extremely durable in a lot of ways. First, vinyl has five times the tensile strength of wood. It also is often made with titanium dioxide, which provides superior UV resistance against fading. This means that vinyl won’t fade over time, even without painting or staining, and that it is a great choice for areas with severe weather.

Vinyl Fencing is Low-Maintenance

Vinyl requires little maintenance over the years. It doesn’t need to be painted or have pest deterring chemicals applied to it to make sure it withstands the harshness of the weather. It is also very easy to clean. Unlike wood, you won’t have to scrub off mildew or moss that grows on the surface. Generally, vinyl will clean easily with just soap and water. If mildew does ever become an issue, a little bleach will take it right off.

Vinyl Fencing is Eco-Friendly

Vinyl is a great, eco-friendly option for fencing. First, it is totally recyclable, so you won’t have to send scraps to the landfill, and when the time comes to replace the fence, it will still be recyclable. It is also a non-toxic option because it isn’t treated with any toxic chemicals.

Easy Installation

Vinyl is also a very easy to install fencing option, whether you opt for pickets or panels. The hardest part is digging the post holes and setting the posts, which you have to do for any fence. Vinyl also comes with a great warranty.


Vinyl comes in a various colors and styles and can be used for great privacy fencing since the panels can be 6-8 feet tall. It can be made to look like wood or even twisted like iron. There is certainly a beautiful vinyl design to fit your aesthetic.

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