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Choosing Material For Your Low Maintenance Fencing

Choosing Material For Your Low Maintenance Fencing

We will look at the different low-maintenance fencing options you can use around your property.

When picking material for your fence, you should always ask yourself, “How much maintenance will be needed to keep my fence in good condition?” A related question would be how much money it costs to maintain the fence. The less maintenance your fence needs, the less it will cost to maintain it. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? That’s why going with low-maintenance fencing is a good idea. There are three low-maintenance fencing options that people often use: vinyl, treated wood, and aluminum. We will look at the different low-maintenance fencing options you can use around your property.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is a fairly new option for low-maintenance fencing, but it does wonders. Not only is it low-maintenance, but it’s also incredibly durable. There’s no painting required, and it won’t splinter, meaning you won’t have to replace rails. Vinyl fencing is also resistant to pests such as termites, and you won’t have to treat your fence for mildew and fungi every year like you would with other fences. All you need to do is use a hose to rinse your fence, and your fence will be as good as new. You should hose your fence once every few months.

Treated Wood Fencing

The next of our low-maintenance fencing solutions is treated wood fencing. Many people love the appearance and feel of traditional wooden fences. However, standard wood can be a hassle to maintain. That’s why you should get pressure-treated wood. This variety of wood has chemicals infused inside of it that make it resistant to many outdoor elements, such as rain, extreme temperatures, and termites.

This low-maintenance fencing option only asks that you reapply paint, stain, or fungicide every couple of years. As long as you are vigilant, you’ll have no problem maintaining your fence.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum is another low-maintenance fencing choice that people love. It doesn’t require any painting, and it doesn’t rust. While the price of aluminum fencing can be high, you save money long-term because you don’t have to spend money on different maintenance procedures that other fences require, such as painting or replacing boards. Be wary that these fences don’t handle impact as well as other fences, meaning aluminum fencing is nonoptimal for crowded places.

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