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Why a Fence Replacement is Best Done During Winter

Why a Fence Replacement is Best Done During Winter

Read on to discover the unexpected benefits a new installation or fence replacement fence for your property.

If your fence has seen better days, you may be watching the weather forecast and simply crossing your fingers that the most recent wintery mix on the radar doesn’t do it in for good. All you can do is hold out for the spring, because everyone knows you can’t replace a fence in the winter, right? Wrong! Winter is actually a fine time to replace a fence – in fact, in can be one of the best times, if you can fit it in the right window. Read on to discover the unexpected benefits a new installation or fence replacement fence for your property.


Potential Discounts

Having a fence installed during the winter may actually lead to a lower price for you. In some cases, the materials for constructing the fence may be cheaper in the winter, since there is less demand for them during the slow time for the industry. This could be passed on to you. During the inter, you may also find that some fence installers give discounts to increase their business during the slow period as well.


Easier Scheduling

By opting for your fence replacement in the winter, you may find that you have a much easier time scheduling the work. Most fence installers are much less busy in the winter, and because of that you will likely find that you have your pick of days to have the work done. If you wait till the spring or summer, the most busy season for many fence installer, you may have to wait weeks after the consultation to actually get on an installation calendar.


Less Life Interruption

You and your family are likely spending less time outdoors during the winter, so having your fence installed now will interrupt your outdoor time less. If you wait until the spring or summer, when everyone wants to be outdoors, you could miss out on that time.


Forestall The Need To Repair

If you wait till after the winter to have your fence replacement completed, you may end up doing more work. If your current fence is already suffering, the winter weather could seriously damage it. In that case, you may have to make emergency repairs over the winter (possibly several times) to continue keeping your family and pets safe. Replacing your fence before it breaks gets ahead of this potential cost by ensuring you go through the winter with a new, strong fence.


Be Ready For Spring

Finally, if you get your fence replacement done during the winter, you will be all ready to go in the spring, while everyone else is still trying to get their fencing tasks started.


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