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Safety Must-Haves: The Pool Gate

Aside from how many decorative options you have for all forms of pool fencing and decking, the same applies for your selection of pool gates. Keep that in mind if you’re thinking about having one installed — especially since, for safety and security, a pool gate is a genuine must-have feature. In most states, a gated pool area is mandated, and one look at the statistics truly demonstrate why such an installation is needed.

Pool Gate

A pool gate isn’t just a beautiful addition to your yard — it can save lives!

Statistics Don’t Lie

Quite simply, pool gates save lives. Not just children, although that is the primary demographic for pool safety measures — but also adults of all ages and even pets. According to research statistics, one in five of the people in the U.S. that die from accidental pool drowning are children under the age of 14 — and thousands more are hospitalized as a result of a near-drowning incident. What’s important to keep in mind — especially according to statistics — is that over half of all pool drownings involving young children could have been prevented if the pool at been separated from the rest of the outdoor swimming area through the installation of a four-sided fence and pool safety gate.

What To Look For

When looking at options for your pool gate installation, there are a few regulations that you should be keeping in mind. All fences intended to protect pools should be at least four feet high and the gates should always be self-closing and self-latching. The gates themselves should always open outward and the latch should be out of the reach of small children. Keep in mind, however, that Installing a four-sided pool fence and gate does not mean that children will never be able to get in. Although you should always keep on eye on children when around a swimming pool anyway, the installation of a pool fence and sturdy pool gate has been proven to reduce the risk of a child drowning by over 80% in the long-run.

Install Your Pool Gate with Hercules Fence of Washington, DC!

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