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What Material is Best for Privacy Fencing?

What Material is Best for Privacy Fencing?

Privacy fencing is great for turning your backyard into your own sanctuary.

Privacy fencing is great for turning your backyard into your own sanctuary. They look great, keep prying eyes away, and are a great investment to make to your property. If you take care of your privacy fencing with regular maintenance, you can make any fencing material last a long time. Therefore, your choice of material will mainly boil down to your aesthetic preferences – are you looking to add new design cues to your landscape, or are you trying to enhance an established aesthetic? Here are some of the best options for the material to use for your privacy fencing.


A classic fence material that has been used throughout history, wood makes an excellent base for a new privacy fence. They complement the outdoor setup of homes designed more traditionally. While you can stain the fence with a wide variety of different shades, the best option is one that brings out the natural appearance of the wood. It is arguably the most beautiful of the materials that you can use for a privacy fence, although note that it will require more regular maintenance to help keep it looking nice for years to come.


Vinyl is a popular material for fencing because it is low maintenance and has a very clean look. This makes vinyl privacy fencing a great choice for homes with traditional design as well as contemporary design. While white may be the most sought-after color choice, there are also tan and khaki-colored vinyl which can make the overall impact of the fencing on your landscape more subtle. And vinyl naturally repels mildew, rot, and mold, meaning you’ll only need to wash the panels occasionally to keep this privacy fencing looking stellar.


Aluminum privacy fencing uses vinyl panels set up in an aluminum frame to create a very sleek, defined aesthetic. You’ll often see this fencing used as a way to make a statement in the backyard because it has arguably the most options for customization. Just as with vinyl privacy fencing, aluminum requires almost zero maintenance, so it’s perfect for homeowners who want to set it and then not think about it!

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