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Plants That Can Go Well Along Your Fence Line

Plants That Can Go Well Along Your Fence Line

Make your fence line something special by considering some of these plants that can be amazing additions.

Your new fence is a beautiful addition to your property, but fences are also just as functional as they are attractive. However, you can improve your fence line even more by picking the right plants. Some of them even have additional benefits like beefing up your privacy and making it even harder to see through your fence line. Finally, some of these plants may be just what you’re looking for to improve your home’s curb appeal. Make your fence line something special by considering some of these plants that can be amazing additions.

Cherry Laurel

Suitable for rich and moist soil, people love cherry laurel because it will adapt to just about any light condition. It’s notable because of its shrubs that bloom with dainty, small white flowers that contrast against their evergreen leaves. It has a sweet fragrance you will be sure to notice, particularly during the spring when its cherry-like fruits attract birds.


When grown near your fence line, clematis will surely thrive and grow all around your fence. Its blossoms end up creating a wonderful sense of color thanks to their pink, purple, blue, or white blossoms. Since they climb so much, they will do well around a fence where they can take advantage and begin to develop vines. Full sunlight helps these climbers, too.


Nicknamed “America’s fastest-growing hedge” for a reason, privet can grow over 3 feet each year! This is why it is ideal if you’re looking for a privacy hedge for your fence lines. Some people who need less security but still want privacy even use privet hedges solely. However, their dark green hedges are the perfect complement to your fencing as well.


If you’re looking for ways to get privacy to your fencing, a privacy hedge made of boxwood is the way to go. Boxwood is seen in formal gardens due to its ability to be carved into geometric shapes or other art. It’s just as useful as a privacy hedge because it will keep its foliage all year long.


A great addition to any fence line, arborvitaes grow in pyramid-like shapes that are ideal when planted in pairs. These little evergreens can keep their foliage throughout the year and are great for a number of climates, provided they receive at least 6 hours of sunlight every day.


Low-maintenance plants can be a good choice for your fence line, so you may want to consider euonymous. It’s a flowering woodland plant sometimes called the wintercreeper, as it generally looks like a small evergreen shrub. They’re richly green with white borders that will grow even in heavily shaded areas.

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