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The Best Way to Apply Stain on a Fence

Learn the best way to apply stain on your wood fence.

Learn the best way to apply stain on your wood fence.

Whether you choose semi-transparent, semi-solid, or another option, the quality of your wood stain all comes down to your application technique. Wooden residential fences often make a statement against the backdrop of your home and landscape. If you’re staining a new or old fence, follow this guide for applying stain to your residential fence.

When to Stain

For correct stain application, there is a window of time that you should stick to for the best results. For brand new fences, you should wait at least three weeks before applying stain. This time will allow the wood to settle completely into its new environment. The settling time includes drying out from any manufacturer treatment to the wood and allowing the wood’s pore to open, which will allow the stain to sink in more. In terms of weather, cloudy days are the best, in the morning or late afternoon. Try to watch the weather and pick a block of days that won’t have any precipitation for at least 24 hours.

Tools for the Job

Choose your weapon: brushes, rollers, or pads; it all just comes down to preference. If you’re using a brush, opt for one that’s four to five inches wide. Look for pads that are labeled for use on decks. If you choose to go with a roller, any normal paint roller will work with this application as well. In all cases, the wider the better for applying stain to your residential fence.

Prepare the Fence

Before you stain your fence, ensure that it is as clean as possible. For older fences, remove any mold, mildew, and other debris from the surface. The safest way to get started is by wearing protective gear, including rubber gloves and protective goggles. After cleaning, use a sheet of plastic or canvas underneath the fence to protect your grass and plants from stain drips.

Stain Application

Use your tool of choice to apply your chosen stain to the clean, dry fence. Do your best to apply an even coat, moving from the one fence board and onto the next. The best way to prevent uneven dripping is by applying the stain from the top to the bottom. If your stain comes with any specific instructions, follow those to achieve the best look.

Call Hercules Fence

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