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Fence Etiquette: Discussing With Your Neighbors

When installing a new fence, have good fence etiquette by taking your neighbors into consideration.

When installing a new fence, have good fence etiquette by considering your neighbors.

When installing a new fence, it’s important to remember that you aren’t the only one who the fence will affect. If you have neighbors, they will be just as affected by the fence as you are and will see it every single day. Before installing the fence, it is important to practice good fence etiquette by discussing your plans with your neighbors.

Property Lines

Before you start the installation, be sure to check that your property lines are defined. You may think you know what qualifies as your property, but it is crucial to double check that with your house plan, as you do not want to install your fence only to find out it does not actually fall on your property. If you do not have the document, you can hire a land surveyor to clarify the borders of your property. Also, the surveyor can place stakes along the boundary of your property, to give you a clear idea of where your new fence can be installed.

Discuss With Your Neighbor

While it is not required to discuss your new fence installation with your neighbor, it is common courtesy to let them know and ask if they have any issues with it. This could save you future legal trouble in the future, as your neighbor could decide to dispute your fence. It could also prove to be cost-effective; if your neighbor is also thinking about installing a new fence, you could arrange to collaborate on the project and split the cost.

The “Good side”

Certain fences have what is known as a “good” side, which is finished and polished, compared to the opposite side that shows the rails and posts. Installing the finished side towards your neighbor is not only polite, but it is also the standard. Almost all fences are installed this way, so your fence looks finished and polished to the outside world. However, there are many types of fences that look finished on both sides, referred to as “good neighbor fences.” These fences are double-sided and created with “sandwich construction,” making them not only more visually appealing, but also stronger.

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