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Integrating A Fence Into Your Home’s Landscape

Integrate Fence

Follow these tips to help you integrate a fence into your landscape.

When you think of your landscape, you typically think about the plants, trees, and shrubs that are on your property. But did you know your fence can be as an essential part of your landscape as these elements? Your fence plays a big role in your landscape because it frames your property and can even provide you with elements like privacy and security. Here are some ways to incorporate a fence into your landscape.

Pick The Right Material

As you probably know, there are a wide variety of fences you can choose for your home. All these fences have benefits as they relate to their practical use but it’s also important to consider the importance of aesthetics as well. You may want to choose a fence that not only is sturdy but looks natural around your other landscape features. If you are in an area with a lot of natural feature like trees, a wrought-iron fence might stick out too much.

In that scenario, you might want to opt for a wood fence instead. Also, remember that some materials, like vinyl, are customizable, meaning you can tailor them to fit your aesthetic needs without giving up any of their practical value.

Changing Heights

Many people don’t realize that it’s an option to vary their fence’s height. You can do this for a variety of reasons, including maximizing security and highlighting other features. If you have an area that you want to highlight, you may want to make sure your fence is shorter in that place. In areas like your backyard where you may want a little more privacy, you’ll need to make sure that your fence is higher.

Consider Your Environment

Living in certain areas will mean that certain fences will not be able to be integrated into your landscape well. For example, if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain a wood fence would likely be ruined by the weather. The weather conditions can cause your fence to wear down and cause it to stick out more than it should. Remember to take all these factors into consideration when trying to integrate a fence into your landscape.


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