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Installing A Fence In The Winter

Installing Fence Winter

Here are some reason installing a fence in the winter is a good idea.

Some people might think that installing a fence in the winter is a bad or unusual idea. However, installing a fence in the winter is actually a common practice! Unless the ground where you’re placing your fence is completely frozen, you can install a fence during the winter with little to no issue. Here are some reasons installing a fence during the winter is a good idea.

Landscaping Is Simpler

During the warmer months, your trees and bushes are more likely to be lush, which can make installing a fence harder. You might have to go through the extra step of trimming your landscape features, which can make installing your fence a more difficult process than it should be. In the winter, it’s always easier to see where your property lines are (provided there isn’t a lot of snow on the ground).

Privacy Fences Are More Useful

Because there isn’t much vegetation in your landscape during the winter, it’s important to ensure you have other features that ensure privacy. In the warmer months, you could use parts of your landscape like plants in trees to promote privacy. However, in the winter you’ll want to install a privacy fence to make sure you’re able to enjoy your yard in private all year around.

It’s Usually Quicker

Typically a fence installation won’t take too long, but this process takes way less time during the winter. Because many people have the misconception that winter is a bad time to have a fence installed, they don’t contact professionals to have a fence installed during this time. This frees up their time so they can work for customers who are knowledgeable enough to request to have a fence installed during the colder months.

Replace Your Old Fence

Having a new fence installed right before harsh winter weather comes up is a big benefit of having a fence installed during the winter. As time goes on, you might notice that your old fence isn’t capable of standing up to high winds and precipitation. Having a new fence installed by a professional during the winter will ensure that it’s prepared for all the weather conditions it’ll face for the rest of the year.


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