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Making Sure Your Fencing Can Endure the Snow

Making Sure Your Fencing Can Endure the Snow

Today, we’re going to explain what can be done to help your fencing endure whatever snow may fall.

During the winter, it’s to be expected that snow is going to come up in your forecast at some point. This can impact many aspects of your outdoor landscape, including any fence you have. You want your fence to be as prepared as it can be before snow starts to fall. Today, we’re going to explain what can be done to help your fencing endure whatever snow may fall.

Repair Any Damage Your Fencing Currently Has

A damaged fence is going to have a worse chance of enduring the snow than a fence that is sturdy and strong. That’s why you should fix all damage your fencing has before the snow starts falling. See if there are any parts of your fence that are broken or if you see rust, rot, or other signs of damage. These problems should be fixed in order to give your fence the best chance of survival.

For Wooden Fencing, Make Sure the Wood is Protected

The temperatures are much colder in the winter. This means that there aren’t as many warm days to keep your wood dry, which would otherwise prevent rotting and mold from occurring. To give your fencing extra protection against the cold temperatures of winter, you should give it a fresh coat of paint. This not only makes your fence safer during winter, but it also makes your fencing look nicer.

Watch Over Your Fence Posts

Snow adds moisture to the ground, and this causes soil to loosen up near the bottoms of your fence posts. For this reason, monitoring your fence posts is important to ensure they are secure at all times.

If you suspect they need to be given more stability, you could add post caps, which protect the tops of your posts and minimize the damage that your fence would suffer from the top. You could also add post spikes to give your fence more overall stability.

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