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Pre-Made Fencing Panels Vs. Individual Fencing Pickets

Pre-Made Fencing Panels Vs. Individual Fencing Pickets

Find out if pre-made fencing panels or individual fencing pickets are better for your fence.

If you’re considering replacing your fence or installing one for the first time, you know that many thoughts are put into the decision. A solid fence can provide safety and security for your property and family. It can also offer privacy and help create a calm oasis in your yard by blocking out unwanted sights and sounds. Depending on your needs for the fence, you have many different choices about fencing material, fence height, fence style, and more. You will also need to decide if you’re going to hire a professional or go the DIY road and install it yourself. Both have their good traits and bad ones, but if you do decide to DIY, there will be one more decision to make. You’ll have to decide if you’re using pre-made fence panels or individual pieces, such as single pickets, to construct your fence. Read on to learn more.


What Is Available?

Depending on which type of fence you want, you may have more or less to choose from in terms of fencing panels or pieces. For instance, vinyl fencing is usually available as panels, though vinyl pickets are sometimes available individually. Wood is available as panels and pieces, whether for a picket fence or a privacy fence. Metal fencing is usually also assembled into panels. Even for the materials where you could use individual pieces to build your own panels, you have to ask yourself if the time and energy spent to do it is really worth the cost savings.


Which Is Better?

There isn’t anything wrong with buying the individual pieces and build your fence from scratch, so to speak, but it takes much more time and energy on your part to do it that way. Sometimes people assume that they will pay less for the materials this way or that they will have more freedom for their specific vision of the fence. While this may be true, is the extra workload justified? Pre-assembled fencing panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, though the most common width is 8 feet. Even using panels, you still get to choose your fence material, fence height, and fence style, and for the most part, the quality of the panels is likely to be better than what you do on your own, unless you have fencing experience. Ultimately, you’re still installing the fence and for most people doing the work of setting the posts and attaching the panels is hard enough without the added work of constructing the panels yourself.


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