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Pet Fences To Keep Your Cat or Dog Safe

Learn about the best materials for a cat-friendly or dog-friendly fence!

Learn about the best materials for a cat-friendly or dog-friendly fence!

Getting a residential fence for your backyard is a great way to let your cat or dog roam around as they please without getting into too much trouble around the neighborhood. If you’re thinking about installing a residential fence for your pets, consider these fence elements to keep you worry-free as they roam around your yard.  

Feline-Friendly Fences

Metal Fences

Residential metal fences are a great option for cats because they can’t use their nails to climb out of your yard. Metal fences are notoriously great security fences and come in a few different metals: iron, aluminum, or stainless steel. They’re also great residential fences because they require very little maintenance, just periodic cleaning.

Roller Bars

Roller bars are a great option if you already have a fence that’s in good condition. You can have them installed on any type of fence, from wood to vinyl or wrought iron. They won’t detract from the aesthetic appeal of your residential fence, but will ensure your cat won’t be able to get purchase on top of your fencing, keeping them safely in your yard.

Dog-Friendly Fences

Tall Fences

If there is one thing dogs love to do, it’s jump! If you have a large breed like a husky or Labrador, you should get a dog-friendly residential fence that is at least five or six feet tall. However, that’s not the only way a large dog can escape; they are also known to chew at a weak fence, so a high-quality wood or vinyl fence is a must.


If your dog is determined, they will find a way to climb your residential fence, so don’t get a chain-link fence. Opt instead for a solid-panel fence like wood and vinyl that doesn’t have any footholds. Extra tip, make sure not to put anything close to the fence that would offer your dog a boost like a bird bath or a planter.


Another reason why a solid panel wood or vinyl fence is great for a dog is privacy! Mostly so your dog won’t see other dogs and be tempted to escape, or a squirrel he wants to chase, potentially destroying your fence in the process. However, this does vary from dog to dog; some dogs do just fine seeing the outside world, some dogs don’t do when they can see what they’re missing out on.

Ready for a Security Fence Perfect for Your Family?

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