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How To Save An Old Fence

Old Fence

Restore your old fence with these 3 tips.

As time goes on, your fence gets older and can become less structurally sound than it used to be. This is especially true for fences that haven’t been maintained well or have been through a series of bad weather events. Fortunately, just because a fence is old doesn’t mean that it can’t be saved. In fact, there are several methods you can use to save an old fence. Here are a few of them.

Replace The Frame

Sometimes the damage done to a fence’s frame reaches a level that is too much to be repaired. If your fence is in this situation, then you should have the fence’s frame replaced completely. This is a good option to choose if you don’t want to deal with the expenses and other logistical issues surrounding taking your old fence down and having a new one installed. For aesthetic purposes, it’s important to match the new frame with new crossbeams to create a more cohesive look.

Get New Posts

Replacing old fence posts is an excellent way to revitalize your old fence, but it’s important to make sure the process is done correctly. It’s crucial to cut the old posts down at ground level and to wear a safety mask while doing so. This is a great time to dig new holes for your fence as well. Dig the new holes for the posts about 26 inches deep and then pour 2 inches of gravel into the holes to help with drainage before you pour into the concrete.

Treat Your Fence Boards

After your new boards have been installed, add a stain to it to protect it from weather conditions and make it shine. You can even do this if you haven’t installed new boards, so keep that in mind. Staining your fence will also give it a uniform look, so you won’t have to worry about it looking mismatched.

Treating your fence is essential no matter how new it is, but when you have an old one, it can make a big difference in how it looks and functions. Do some research to find out the best product to use or contact your local fence professionals to help you make the decision.


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