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How to Choose the Best Ornamental Fence for Your Home

ornamental fence

If you’re looking to add an ornamental style fence, check out these tips for choosing the best kind for your home!

Surrounding your home with a fence is like putting the icing on top of the cake. Fences go a long way toward making your property look complete. If you’re looking to add an ornamental fence, check out these tips for choosing the best kind for your home!

The Style of Your Home

One of the first aspects of a new ornamental fence you should consider is choosing a style that will complement the style of your home. Characteristics like the color, shapes, and material are what will help determine if your ornamental fence option will blend in with the overall design of your property or sharply contrast it. Take photos of your home when you shop for your fence. Pick out certain shapes, colors, or materials in the architecture that would flow nicely into the style of your fence

Desire for Privacy

In addition to the beauty of an ornamental fence, you must also consider who you want it to function on a practical level. If you desire privacy, then it’s important not to choose a fence with a lot of gaps or one that is particularly short. Ornamental fences like all fences will act as a visual deterrent to trespassing, but if you desire more privacy for your family, friends, and guests, then make sure you choose an option with materials that will sufficiently give your property the level of seclusion you seek. A great way to ensure you get enough privacy with your ornamental fence is to mix materials. An iron fence that features wood or creates sections is a great approach.

Adding Gates

Gates will take an ornamental fence from beautiful and charming to sophisticated and stately. Of course, gates also serve a practical function by giving you more control over who has access to your property and how they enter. Gates allow you to control access to your home while also keeping with the flow and design of your fence. Some gates can even make the fence look completely uninterrupted when closed.  

Your Budget

Aside from the style, and maybe even before, another top consideration for choosing the best ornamental fencing for your home is your budget. Be careful not to shop above your means to avoid disappointment. Set realistic goals and get creative with your available options.


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