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Ways That Fence Damage Can Occur

Ways That Fence Damage Can Occur

Here are ways that fence damage can occur.

A fence that is properly maintained can add curb appeal to your property, deter opportunistic criminals, and protect your pets and children. Unfortunately, fence damage can make it impossible for your fence to do all of those things. Being aware of some of the most common things that might lead to damage can help you prevent them and be prepared to act if you spot the signs.

Gaps or Holes

Some of the most common types of fence damage that occur in wood fences are gaps or holes. These issues can happen due to collisions, accidents, or even storms. Any time you notice a gap or crack, you should immediately contact a fencing professional. If you do not make repairs quickly, it can lead to additional damage and allow an easy entry point or exit point for your pets.

Corrosion or Decay

Wood fences are prone to moisture damage. This type of fence damage eventually leads to rot and decay that needs to be fixed by replacing boards entirely. Iron and some other types of metal fences are also vulnerable to corrosion. Corrosion also has no easy solution and requires you to repair the entirety of the section before the rust has the opportunity to spread.

Warped Boards

Another issue that is common in wood fencing is warping. Wood is vulnerable to moisture problems, and prolonged moisture damage may lead to warping, sagging, or buckling. Having your fence installed and maintained by a professional can alleviate some of this, but you can also choose more resilient materials.


Stains are another common type of fence damage that can be found on any type of fencing material. For example, wood might appear stained due to contact with grass or dirt. If you are concerned about stains on your fence, it’s a good idea to choose a material that is naturally stain resistant or very easy to maintain. Vinyl fences are easy to wash off when some staining happens, and they are generally stain resistant.

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