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Getting Your Fencing Ready for Spring

Getting Your Fencing Ready for Spring

Here are some tasks that can help you to get your fencing ready for spring.

Spring is officially here! The days are warming up, the flowers are beginning to bloom, and the birds are singing away. Have you started that spring “to do” list? The time to jump on it is now – not just making the list but also starting the tasks! Some of those spring tasks need to be started well before spring actually gets in full swing. And since the season brings with it a lot of moist weather, it can have a big impact on your fencing (yes, the same fencing that it feels like you just winterized). Here are some tasks that can help you to get your fencing ready for spring.

Inspect That Fence

The first step of this process needs to be a thorough inspection of your fence. The winter can be hard on your fencing, and you need to carefully check it for any signs of damage. Stroll the whole perimeter of your fence looking at both sides. Make sure that you’re checking behind any obstructions like bushes or other plants. Pay special attention to joints and connections of hinges. Make notes of any dirt, damage, or warping that you notice during your inspection.

Deal With Stains And Dirt

If you notice that your fencing is dirty or stained during your inspection, you should address it as soon as possible. This isn’t just because it looks bad and lowers your curb appeal, but also most dirt and staining gets harder to remove when it sits. Clean your fence appropriately for the type of fencing that you have.

Make Repairs

If your inspection turns up any damage, from broken boards to rust spots to rotten areas, make a plan to fix them before they get worse and more expensive to fix. Small repairs are always easier to handle, and these types of issues don’t get smaller over time, they get bigger.

Paint Or Stain

If your fence is wood, you will need to paint or stain it every year or two, and this is a good time to do it. If you have just thoroughly inspected, repaired,and cleaned your fence, you are ready to get the painting or staining task underway.

Make Landscaping Adjustments

Finally, if the inspection showed you that there is landscaping laying against or even growing on your fence, you should make adjustments to keep it from happening. Plants on fences trap moisture and lead to damage. Make a plan to give clearance between your fence and the bushes and to trim low hanging trees.

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