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When You Should Replace Your Wooden Fence


When You Should Replace Your Wooden Fence

Here are the signs that should indicate to you that it’s time to replace your wooden fence.

Wooden fences are among the most popular fences homeowners use these days. However, there will come a time when you have to replace your fence because it will start to sustain damage as time goes on. Even keeping up with all of your routine maintenance won’t be enough to keep it from getting old and worn down. With that said, it can be tough to know when it’s time to switch your fencing out and get something new. Here are the signs that should indicate to you that it’s time to replace your wooden fence.

Broken and Damaged Boards

An easy way to tell if your fence needs replacing is if you see boards that are damaged and broken. The weather will begin to wear down your fencing, and your boards will take wear and tear over time.

Pay attention to how many boards are affected. If it’s only one or a couple of boards, you could likely replace those individual boards without replacing your entire fence. However, if you see that many boards are in bad shape, it’s a better option to simply remove your whole fence and get a new one.

Leaning and Sagging Fence

Your fencing may need to be replaced if you see that it’s starting to lean to one side or sag. Sometimes, this is a simple problem that can be fixed by replacing one post. Other times, however, multiple posts have the same problem, meaning your fence has likely begun to weaken.

Your fence’s structural integrity is compromised while it’s in this condition. Because of this, it’s often best to get a fencing contractor to come over and replace it.

Insect Damage

Insect damage can prove to be disastrous to any fence. If you notice that your fencing has holes and gnaw marks, it could be a sign that you have an insect problem. You need to monitor problems like this closely because the damage will only stack up as time goes on. If you address insect problems early, there’s a chance you’ll be able to save your fence before it takes too much damage. If you don’t spot the problem quickly enough, your fencing will likely have to be entirely replaced.

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