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Common Issues You Can Encounter With Your Fence

Common Issues You Can Encounter With Your Fence

Here are some of the problems your fence will likely experience throughout its lifetime.

Fences can serve many purposes, depending on the type you build. They can be used for added privacy, keeping children and pets inside, so they don’t get into danger or keeping unwanted guests out. Now, while you might take excellent care of your fence, it will eventually run into issues. With constant exposure to the weather, it’s only a matter of time until your fencing needs to get repaired or replaced. Here are some of the problems your fence will likely experience throughout its lifetime.

Fence Posts, Leaning Fences, and Fallen Panels

Once your fencing takes enough damage from the weather, don’t be surprised if it starts to lean to one side or if paneling starts falling off. It’s especially important to check for these problems after heavy storms.

Identifying the reason for leaning fencing and loose paneling is the most important step towards remedying the problem. Sometimes, it isn’t the weather causing the issue. It can sometimes have to do with your soil, while other instances could be caused by weakened fencing posts.

Stained or Mildewed Fencing

This problem can happen to wood and vinyl fences. When your fence gets stained or mildewed, it can start to slowly fall apart over time. The best approach to addressing and solving this problem is to use some mild soap and water to clean your fence if it’s made from vinyl. A pressure washer is preferred for wooden fences. Also, if you have wooden fencing, adding a stain for an additional layer of protection goes a long way.

Rot and Pest Damage

For wooden fences, you’ll have to deal with pests trying to get inside of your fence. It’s important to deal with pest problems before you try repairing or replacing your fence. If you don’t, pests can simply continue wreaking havoc on your fencing and cause future problems.

Rotting is a problem that varies in intensity depending on the wood you use. Having a fence made from rot-resistant wood such as cedar can help minimize this problem. You can also take matters to address the problem yourself by sealing your fence every few years to give it extra protection.

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