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How to Summer-Proof Your Wooden Fence

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When the warm weather hits, your wooden fence may require some seasonal maintenance.

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time for backyard barbecues, splashing around in the pool, and weeding your vegetable garden. However, did you realize that summer is also a critical time to make sure that your wooden fence is in good shape? The intense heat and humidity can damage your wooden fence if you aren’t paying attention. Here are some of our best tips for summer-proofing your wooden fence.

Clean Up, Clean Up

Before you get started on anything else, take the time to walk around your wood fence and get rid of any debris, yard waste, or dirt that is piled around the base. Everything from a summer thunderstorm to a windy day can leave a lot of debris piled up around your wooden fence. Whenever moisture touches the fence, it is contributing to eventual problems. Over time, moisture on a wooden fence will lead to mold growth, mildew, insect issues, and even wet wood rot. Some of these issues can be repaired, but many times they necessitate an entire fence replacement.

Trim Your Trees

Trees that are charming and beautiful during the spring can be an actual nightmare during a summer storm! Are there any dead or damaged branches hanging from trees in your yard? Are any of your trees in need of some extra TLC? Take the time to tackle this at the start of the summer, before windy thunderstorms go through your yard. If you don’t take care of tree problems now, branches can fall and cause major damage to your wooden fence and your other property.

Clean Your Fence

Cleaning your wooden fence is another good summer task, since the sun will help the moisture on your wood to evaporate really quickly. Take the time to rinse off your wood fence and remove any dirt, debris, pollutants, and bird droppings.

New Fences for All of Your Needs

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