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How Landscaping Helps Keep Your Wood Fence Beautiful

Hardwood fence

Landscaping can work wonders to keep your wood fence looking beautiful throughout the year.

When the weather begins to warm up and you head out to assess your yard, it isn’t always easily to see how each component plays off of the others. Your wood fence may have survived another cold winter, and your lawn and tree may need some sprucing up, but it’s good to keep in mind that each can help in preserving the other’s longevity. A good wood fence requires a certain amount of maintenance, but you can great add to its lifespan with a few helpful landscaping tips.

Knowing When Trimming is Too Much Trimming

One major consideration to take into account is the around of trimming that you or your professional landscaper is performing. Your yard’s trees and bushes aren’t bonsai trees, and too much tinkering can lead to season-long damage. Over-pruning can sometimes lead to more unsightly problems than none at all. In general, no more than 15-20% of a tree’s total foliage should be cut, providing the tree hasn’t been left alone for years and years. Any more than that, and the lack of leaves could quickly erode the tree’s abilities to nurture itself — and when a tree ideas, it’ll easily cave in your surround wood fence.

Watch Those Cuts

The most basic error most home gardeners (or an unskilled professional landscaper) make is to cut branches off too close to the tree’s trunk. In doing this, the collar of the branch is severed, removing the microscopic cells that naturally heal the tree from other cut branches. Those collar cells help prevent disease from entering the trunk and could cause eventual decay. By removing the collar there is now an open a wound that can act as a  direct path into the core of the tree for any diseases or pests. Those disastrous cuts can also lead to a fallen tree and wrecked wood fence.

For More Tips on Keeping Your Residential Fence Safe and Your Landscaping Beautiful, Contact Hercules Fence

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