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Summertime Fence Maintenance


fence maintenance

Proper fence maintenance can help your fence look happy and healthy year-round.

Maintaining your fence may not be the most enjoyable or obvious task on your list of weekend yard work, but it may be the most important to making sure your investment lasts as long as it should. Different seasons offer different challenges to fence maintenance, and the summer is no exception. Humidity, lawn debris and sudden storms are just a few challenges facing your fence, but proper inspection and maintenance can help your fence last another challenging season.

Lawn Debris and Vines

Whether you have a wooden fence or a metal fence, it’s important to keep an eye on the build up of lawn debris and vines. Dead leaves, small sticks and grass clippings left over from mowing can build up and collect moisture, leading to mildew, mold or rot in the case of wooden fencing. Keeping your lawn clear of this debris can help prevent these kinds of growth, but you may want to consider power washing if you notice any build ups. Staining or painting a wooden fence can also help protect from rot by keeping moisture out of the wood.

Strong Wind and Tree Branches

There’re few things more frustrating than spending an afternoon caring to your lawn, only to have a summer storm sweep in and undo all that hard work. Making matters worse is the potential for a large branch to fall and damage your fence, leaving you to replace the damaged area or the entire fence. Inspecting overhanging tree branches is an often overlooked aspect of fence maintenance. Check surrounding trees to make sure there are no suspect looking branches threatening to come down the next time a surprise storm pops up.

Deteriorating Latches and Hinges

The latches and hinges on your fence are an integral part of making your fence functional, which makes inspecting them an integral part of your fence maintenance. The Mid-Atlantic region in notorious for its humidity, which can play a big part in cutting short the life of latches and hinges. Make sure to check latches and hinges frequently for damage or early signs of rust, and take care of it immediately to keep your fence working properly.

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