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How to Increase Property Value with Fence Installation

increase property value

Add a new fence to your home before resale to see a nice boost in property value.

Are you thinking about moving in the fairly near future? You’ll probably be embarking on some little home improvement projects, like repainting the walls, replacing the carpet, and going hardcore clean-mode. A home improvement project that often flies under the radar to increase property value? Fence installation. A new fence can significantly boost your property value before resale. Here’s how:

Increase Curb Appeal

A brand new fence is great way to freshen up the look of your home and thereby increase property value. Whether it’s a quaint, white, wooden picket fence or a fancy ornamental aluminum one, a fresh (or refreshed) fence shows that you’ve dedicated time and money to making your home prettier and safer.

Literal Increased Value

Think about it — if you invest in a backyard swimming pool, the money that goes into that pool is reflected in the money you get back for selling your property (which now includes a pool). While a new fence clearly isn’t as much of an investment as a pool, it will still increase property value to an extent because you’ve already invested money in it. Makes sense!

Increased Security and Privacy

Each of these are features that can significantly increase property value as they’re features that homebuyers look for. Fences can deter trespassers from attempted break-ins, and they can keep deer and other wildlife away from your plants. Meanwhile, a nice wooden privacy fence can make your yard feel, well, more private! Either way, adding features like this to your home will surely increase home value when it finally comes time to put it on the market.

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