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  • Why Have a Pool Fence?

    Benefits of Pool Fencing


    Having an in-ground pool installed on your property holds many benefits. It can also be a major safety risk and can lead to serious injury if precautions aren’t taken. By installing a fence around your pool, you are protecting yourself as well as your friends and family who come to enjoy your pool.


    Some of the benefits that pool fences bring with them include:

    1. Safety- Ultimately, pool fencing will provide safety. Young children will be unable to enter the pool without an adult to open the fence for them. Children are able to play in a yard without the fear of accidentally falling into the pool either by accident, or if they are attempting to reach a toy that may have fallen in during play. Pool fences also prevent objects from entering the pool while individuals are swimming.
    2. Privacy- Pool fences can also provide privacy for those enjoying the pool. Depending on the material you use for the fence, you can prevent outsiders from seeing your pool.
    3. Value- Having a professional pool fence installed around your pool can increase your property value as well. A fence that is easy to maintain and in good condition when a potential buyer is looking at your home will help increase the value of your home overall and look better to the potential buyer.


    So what kind of fence should you install around your pool? Well that is up to you! At Hercules Fence, we specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of several high quality fencing materials. We install the following types of fences:

    1. Wood
    2. Chain Link
    3. PVC Vinyl
    4. Ornamental Steel
    5. Aluminum


    Our technicians are professionally trained and strive to meet all of your needs as well as exceed all of your fencing expectations. We will work with you to determine which fencing material would be best to meet your pool fencing needs. With 6 convenient locations, Hercules Fence is the only name you need to know when it comes to installing a new pool fence on your property.


    Want to get started with Hercules Fence? Call us today at 1.800.883.3623. You can also visit our contact page today.


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