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  • Vinyl Fence to Combat Summer Storms

    June 1st marked the beginning of the hurricane season and for those along the East Coast, all has been quiet. There have been outbreaks of isolated thunderstorms throughout the regions, but nothing too serious to report. With that being said, we have only just begun. Weather teams have predicated a slow hurricane season this year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean an easy season. There is always the potential to have a few very strong storms or hurricanes hit, which could cause more damage than a number of smaller storms. Before any serious storms hit the area, it’s a smart idea to begin preparing your home for whatever could lie ahead. One of the ways to get your property storm-ready is by installing a new PVC vinyl fence.

    So why a PVC vinyl fence and not a wooden or chain link fence for your home? For a few reasons:

    1. PVC vinyl fencing is made by a co-extrusion process. This makes the fence solid when strong winds blow in.
    2. A vinyl fence won’t become warped after long or constant exposure to rain like other fencing. Vinyl fencing won’t rust after being exposed to heavy rain either.
    3. After a severe storm you may come outside to find dirt, leaves, branches, and other debris stuck to your vinyl fence. Not to worry, that can be removed by some soapy water and a quick squirt of the hose.
    4. Vinyl fencing is also ideal for privacy, which helps to keep debris from entering your yard during a storm.
    5. Should you yard flood during a storm, a vinyl fence will not be damaged by the pooling water.

    In an area like Maryland where the weather tends to have a mind of its own, a vinyl fence that can withstand the elements is never a bad idea. At Hercules Fence, we specialize in the installation of PVC vinyl fencing and offer a variety of styles for vinyl fencing.

    With 6 convenient locations, including our Jessup, Maryland facility, Hercules Fence is the name you trust when choosing a fence that can withstand a storm. To get started with our Maryland location, call us at 410.799.1555 or click here for our locations list.

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