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3 Tips For Caring For Your Vinyl Fence

vinyl fence

The maintenance that is required for vinyl fencing is easy and can be done in less than a day. Here’s how to go about it.

Vinyl is known for being one of the lowest maintenance fencing materials on the market. Homeowners love vinyl fencing because it doesn’t require the same upkeep as most other fencing materials such as wood and wrought iron. Another great thing about vinyl is its versatility. If you want that classic picket fence look, but don’t want to have to repaint and repair wood, vinyl is an easy choice that lasts a long time and requires minimal maintenance. The maintenance that is required for vinyl fencing is easy and can be done in less than a day. Here’s how to go about it.

Give It A Rinse

A quick spray with your garden hose is enough to get rid of a lot of the grime, mold, and dirt that have found their way onto your vinyl fence. You don’t need to do this fairly often, once a month or once every other month should do the trick, depending on how much dirt is kicked up onto your fence.

Bring Out The Bleach

While spraying down your vinyl fence, it’s important that you also do a thorough inspection. Be sure to look for any parts of your fence where the dirt seems especially stubborn. These might be areas where your quick spray down isn’t going to cut it. Find a soft cloth, and dip it in a mild bleach-based solution. Getting rid of those stubborn dirt spots might take a little extra elbow grease, but the bleach should cut through it fairly easily, making your vinyl fence look as good as new.

The Magic Eraser

If you haven’t already invested in the wonders of the Magic Eraser, you should go ahead and get a few. All vinyl fence owners should be well aware of the restorative effects that the Magic Eraser has on their fence, not to mention many other parts of your home. By dampening your Magic Eraser, you can easily eliminate those tough dirt spots. These special sponges are especially good for vinyl fencing that isn’t white, where bleach might damage the color of the fence.


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