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Should I Screen-In My Porch? The Advantages of Being Screened-In


Porches and patios are amazing for dining and entertaining outside, especially if they are screened-in.

Warm weather is finally here! And it’s here to stay. Now that it’s mid-May, we can trust that there won’t be any more drastic cold spells or dramatic drops in temperature. Hang up those winter coats for good, and enjoy the spring warmth in your outdoor space. Porches and patios are amazing for dining and entertaining outside, especially if they are screened-in. If you’ve been thinking about screening-in your porch this spring, consider these pros first.


One of the best aspects of owning a screened-in porch is that it gives you a sense of privacy while also being outdoors. If you have some nosy neighbors, a screened-in porch will create a barrier between your space and theirs while also letting natural light and fresh air flow through. Screened-in porches allow you to truly enjoy your outdoor space, unlike a three-season room or sunroom.

Temperature Control

Screened-in porches also allow for you to control the temperature in your outdoor space. If your family wants to maximize your outdoor time, even late into the fall, you can add a space heater or two to your screened-in porch to ensure comfort and warmth.

Bye Bugs

Do you love sitting and relaxing outside but often find your time enjoying the sun is cut short because it seems like bugs are out to get you? We’ve all been there. Sometimes you have a great plan to breathe in some fresh air or maybe even exercise outside, but bugs keep annoying you or straight-up harassing you. This will never happen again with your screened-in porch. Outdoor yoga or reading on your porch will be pest free, relaxing experiences.

What Rain?

Summers on the East Coast aren’t always filled with sunshine and bright skies. Sometimes, seemingly out of nowhere, a huge thunderstorm breaks out. But what if you had plans to eat outside tonight? Your dinner plans won’t have to move inside with the safety of screened-in porch. You’ll be safe from the rain with screens that limit any water from getting through.


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