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How to Keep Your Wrought Iron Fence Looking New

Do you have a wrought iron fence? They look beautiful, but you want to make sure the continue looking beautiful for a long time!

Do you have a wrought iron fence? They look beautiful, but you want to make sure the continue looking beautiful for a long time!

You’ve invested your time, money, and resources into installing a beautiful new wrought iron fence. While it will always be exposed to the elements of the environment, there are measures that you’ll be able to take to keep it looking fresh and like new. Plus, proper maintenance now will save you from having to spend more money down the road in larger-scale repairs or even replacement. Follow this guide to keep your wrought iron fence looking great.


Periodically, general cleaning will help keep your wrought iron fence in excellent condition by removing dirt and debris from just being exposed to the environment. You only need some basic materials that are probably inside your home already. A soft sponge, warm water, and mild cleaning detergent or dish soap are all you need to clean your fence. Harsh chemicals and other abrasive tools will leave unsightly marks on your fence that you want to avoid. A good rinse with warm water will allow it to shine just like it’s new.

Removing Rust

Use a piece of steel wool or rough sandpaper on the surface of your wrought iron fence to remove rust. Inspecting your fence regularly will allow you to see when rust starts to appear and address it immediately. For larger rusted areas, you may even need to rent an electric sander to fully and completely remove the rust from the surface of your fence. Don’t be afraid to damage your paint as you’ll have to remove the rust before you’re able to restore that section of the fence to its usual condition. A mixture of vinegar and water will help neutralize the rusted area before you can paint it to match the rest of your fence.


Aside from your general cleaning, you may need to add a new coat of paint to your fence. After you’ve sanded away any apparent rust, the first step before applying a fresh coat of paint is adding primer. It’s important that the paint you choose is formulated for exterior use on wrought iron or metal.  This is important as other types of paint will flake and not last as long as you would like it to. Block out at least two days so that you can prime on the first day, allow it to rest overnight, and paint the next day.  

Hercules Fence Can Help

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