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Deciding Between a Wood Fence Repair or Replacement

Deciding Between a Wood Fence Repair or Replacement

Understanding the difference between the signs of a wood fence repair or a wood fence replacement can be a game-changer.

For the most part, a wooden fence will likely need to be repaired at some point — but if not properly maintained you might need a replacement. In fact, a wooden fence that has seen better days is due for either a repair or replacement — but how are you supposed to know whether you can get away with a repair or have to spend money on a full replacement of your wooden fence? The reality is, if your wooden fence has started to grow mold or is missing some pickets, it becomes increasingly important to get your wooden fence in tip top shape as soon as possible to extend the overall lifespan of your fence overall. Ultimately, understanding the difference between the signs of a wood fence repair or a wood fence replacement can be a game-changer for your wallet down the line. Here are a few key ways to finally determine whether your wooden fence needs a simple repair or whether it needs a full replacement.

Understanding The Limitations Of Cosmetic Damage

If your wood fence has any peeling paint or a fading stain, then that tends to be considered a cosmetic issue. In fact, these signs are excellent candidates for a simple wood fence repair. The reality is, when the damage is more severe and affects the overall structural integrity of your wood fence then a replacement might be the best solution. Ultimately, widespread rot and mold are significantly harmful to your wooden fence which is why you typically see professionals recommend a replacement when these unfortunate elements have already settled on your wood fence.

Understanding Your Wood’s Condition

When it comes to your wood fence, paying attention to the overall condition of your wood is essential. In fact, if you happen to notice a lot of splintering or cracking of the wood itself, it might be beneficial to simply get a totally new fence. The reality is, when your lumber is soft or spongy, then having your wood fence replaced becomes increasingly important to keep your property properly protected for many years to come. Ultimately, rot typically weakens the wood itself, leading homeowners to definitely want to consider the benefits of replacing their wood fence as repairs will likely be significantly more costly and might not even fix the issue completely.

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