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How to Maintain Your Wooden Fence

wooden fence

Wooden fencing requires proper care and maintenance. If you own a wooden fence, take note on how to properly take care for and maintain it.

A wooden fence can be an amazing and outstanding piece to have for your property. Wood fences provide your home with a classic look that no other material is able to provide quite as well, and are practically made to impress family, neighbors, friends, and anyone that may pass by your home. However, like all good things, wood fencing requires the proper care and maintenance to keep going. If you own a wood fence, take note on how to properly take care and maintain it.


A crucial part of wood fencing maintenance is staining. UV rays coming from the harsh sunlight in the summer can prove to be damaging to the wood of your fence, so you will need to buy a UV blocking stain to ensure your wood fencing will not receive any damage. Proceed to brush or spray the stain (depending on the kind you bought) onto your fence and make sure that it is able to soak into the wood, otherwise the effects of the stain will be useless and your wood fence will still suffer from the sunlight.

Check the Nails

An important part of your fence to look out for is any part of it where you may find nailing. You will want to keep a watchful eye on your wood fence and check to make sure no nails have fallen out of it, and also that none of the nails have begun to rust or rot. If you notice any of these things, then it is time to nail the loose nails back in or completely replace the nails with new ones to make sure that the wood fencing is in place, standing up straight, and secure.  

Power Wash

Just like you, your family, and even your pets, your wood fence will require a good washing. Maybe not daily, but every now and then. Find yourself a good power washer that is capable of removing all the dirt and grime from your wood fencing. Although you will want to take note of how the wood fence will begin lightening, and once it stops to lighten, stop washing that part of the wood fence. By washing it too much, you can potentially damage the grain irreparably.

Keep Clear of Debris and Water

There are numerous ways that the weather and environment damage your fence. For example, there are types of decomposable debris in your yard that can fall on your fence. If they do, you will need to clear them right away as they can cause your wood fence to break down and become damaged. There also must be a proper drainage system because otherwise, the water can cause your fence to grow mold and rot.

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