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Your Pool, Your Fence, and the Law

Having a fence around your pool is more than a luxury. It’s also the law.

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It’s important to understand the state and county laws that protect you, your family, and everyone else that may find themselves in or around your pool area.

Laws in Maryland and Virginia differ from state to state. Within the states themselves, however, the county laws differ from county to county. It’s imperative that you’re absolutely sure of the requirements your state and county have in place for your pool fencing. A local fencing professional is the best person to contact when you have any questions or concerns regarding your pool fencing.

Federal Laws

While the federal government does not currently have any laws that require United States residents to fence in residential pools, there still are many things to consider. The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals has created a model barrier code for all residential swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas. This residential model barrier code has been approved by the American National Standards Institute.

Laws in Maryland

The Maryland state government has set the minimum requirements for residential pool owners to conform to when constructing fences and gates to keep children safe. By preventing easy access to pool areas, children are unable to be dangerously close to pools while unsupervised. This, of course, means children are prevented from drowning. In Maryland, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, and Carroll County all require residents to have fences with gates, but the minimum requirements for both the height of the fence and type of gate differ from county to county. Get in touch with a professional fence service to be sure you’re obeying your laws.

Laws in Virginia

Virginia State laws for residential swimming pools have a minimum height requirement of 48 inches. A permanent structure, such as an electric box or a tree trunk, cannot be too close to the fence, as it may allow for a child to climb over the fence and enter the pool. Each fencing material has specific requirements, and each gate has differing requirements as well. Contacting your local fencing company will help you figure out the answers to any questions about state-mandated fencing requirements you may have.

Call Hercules Fence

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