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Pros And Cons Of Wooden Fencing

Pros And Cons Of Wooden Fencing

Before getting wooden fencing, consider the pros and cons that come with it.

Fences serve a wide variety of roles. They can be used for privacy, keeping little kids and pets from leaving your yard, and just make your home look more appealing. The selection of materials you could use for your fence can be a bit overwhelming. There are fences made out of wrought-iron, aluminum, and PVC, and many more. The most traditional material for building a fence is wood. The question for now though is whether or not it’s the best option. Before getting wooden fencing, consider the pros and cons that come with it.

Pro #1: Affordability

Wood is an option that can work with many people’s budgets. Keep in mind that the exact price will vary depending on a number of facts such as:

  • The type of wood
  • The type of fence
  • The length of the fence
  • The height of the fence
  • The need for gates

Another thing to consider is that wood is more affordable than wrought-iron, but not PVC (plastic).

Pro #2: Durability

Wooden fencing is surprisingly durable, especially considering the generous pricing. While it doesn’t last as long as wrought-iron fencing, you have to remember it’s more affordable. It also lasts longer than plastic. If given proper care, wooden fencing can be enjoyed for decades, requiring minimal maintenance.

Pro #3: Installation

Wooden fencing is also fairly easy to install. It’s also incredibly versatile, which means it can satisfy any number of needs. With proper preparation, you can build a fence that complements your home perfectly. Whether it’s a rustic appearance, or a more elegant one, wooden fencing can look great and function properly on just about any home.

Pro #4: Accessories

If you want to decorate your fence, picking wooden fencing is recommended. Unlike with iron and plastic fencing, all you need to do is use a drill and screw to affix the decorations you want.

Con #1: Maintaining The Fence

If you want to keep your fence in good condition, you’ll need to perform maintenance on it. Painted fences require you to sand, prime, and repaint. Stained fences need to be re-stained from time to time.You should look to perform maintenance checks at least annually. Also, keep in mind that the upkeep costs should be factored into the price of your fence.

Con #2: Potential For Rot

If you’re going to use wooden fencing, remember that wood can rot. It’s especially susceptible to rotting in moist environments. Moisture also causes fences to warp. Try performing regular staining on your fence if you want to maximize its longevity. The type of wood you choose can also influence how long your fence lasts.

Con #3: Damage

While wooden fencing is fairly strong, it’s not invincible. It’s tougher than plastic but more fragile than wrought-iron. Fortunately, damages can be repaired easily. Oftentimes, you’ll need nothing more than to replace a board or two.  You’ll also need to paint or stain any new boards you get. Termites can also do damage to a wooden fence, but again, the repairs are simple (though you will need to get rid of the termites before making repairs so the same incident doesn’t happen again).

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