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Four Key Steps In Chain Fence Installation

Four Key Steps In Chain Fence Installation

To ensure your chain fence installation goes smoothly, consider these four things.

A chain fence can be an important feature for your yard. Along with identifying the boundaries of your yard, they offer privacy and security to the home. For these reasons, it would be no surprise if you wanted to install one of your own.

But before you start your installation, you’ll need to take a few things into account. Otherwise, you may have to start all over again if troubles start popping up. To ensure your chain fence installation goes smoothly, consider these four things.

Research The Regulations In Your Town Or City

Many people will spend weeks or months making plans for their ideal fence only to discover the disheartening truth that their fence doesn’t comply with the regulations put in place where they live. To avoid this tragic fate, do some investigating on what limitations there are on the fences you can have. A good place to start is your local homeowner association. Ask them your questions on restrictions and regulations like:

  • The height of the fence
  • The material used to build the fence
  • The location of the fence from the sidewalk or street

Once you know your chain fence is permitted to be built, you can start the process with the security of knowing it won’t need to be taken down. Some places require a building permit, which involves submitting information on the design of the fence. An expert fencing contractor could help you through this process.

Functionality Is The Main Priority

We know you want the look of your chain fence to be amazing, but before anything else, the fence needs to be able to function properly. Depending on the needs of you and your family, the materials you use to build the chain fence could vary. If your primary concern is security, a strong, sturdy steel fence will suit your needs better. Perhaps a vinyl fence works more for you if you want something more pleasing to the eye. List your ideas and bring them to a fencing contractor who can tell you what building materials and designs will bring you the most satisfaction.

Consider How Climate Impacts Your Fence

Take into consideration the limitations on the material with which you build. In other words, depending on the place you live, the lifespan of certain building materials can vary.

People living in colder temperatures must be careful when regarding their chain fence post anchoring. Concrete anchors are usually the best choice in these conditions. This is because when the soil freezes, so does the water inside it. This results in the soil increasing in volume in a process called heaving. Poorly-anchored fences will get jarred out or snap if this happens.

For warmer temperatures, wood presents a risk because it’s more likely to rot or suffer insect infestations in hot weather. Metal is also dicey because heat makes it more susceptible to rust and corrosion if the paint is chipped or damaged.

Inform Neighbors Of Your Installation

Remember that your chain fence doesn’t impact you alone. It also impacts those living near you. This doesn’t mean they have to be involved in the planning stages, but common courtesy would be to let them know you plan to have a fence installed.

This will help keep your neighbors calm when they see a project being built so close to their yard. And who knows, maybe they’ll have some suggestions for your project!

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