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The Top 3 Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Wooden Fence

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These easy maintenance tips will keep your wooden fencing looking fresh all summer long.

This spring has brought a huge amount of rainfall to the East Coast, and if the summer is filled with the usual brutal heat, your wooden fencing might need some serious maintenance. Summers in the Mid-Atlantic can consist of at least a few major heatwaves and high levels of humidity are guaranteed almost daily. Many aspects of your home need some extra care and attention during the heat of the summer months, and your wooden fence is no different. These easy maintenance tips will keep your wooden fencing looking fresh all summer long.

At a Glace

Some of the issues with your fence may be more obvious than others. With severe thunderstorms and high winds, there may be areas of your fence that have been devastated and need to be reinstalled by a local fencing company. If winds have knocked trees into your fence line or removed posts altogether, these larger issues are the first to take note of. These areas need to be taken care of immediately, especially if you have any pets that need to be kept inside your fence when they are let outside.

Prune and Trim

Large trees with low-hanging branches should be trimmed as soon as possible to ensure that they will not break off and fall onto your fence. This can lead to much more severe damage if not taken care of in the proper amount of time. All other plants and shrubs should also be pruned back as to not start growing onto the fence and damaging the wood.

Look for Specific Issues

After the rain starts to let up, take a walk around your fence line and conduct a thorough inspection. If your fence has a gate, check out the locking mechanism and make sure that the lock hasn’t rusted over, rendering it ineffective. Check for any posts that seem to be rotting or suffering from termite damage. With all of the rain that the ground has absorbed late, it’s important to look for wobbly posts that need to be reinstalled by a trusted fencing service.


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