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Tricks for Turning Your Regular Fence Into a Privacy Fence

privacy fence

If you’re looking for additional privacy, here’s how to transform your regular fence into a privacy fence.

Creating a beautifully landscaped oasis in your backyard is something many of us want to achieve. But if there is an unsightly view just above your fence, nosy neighbors, or too many passersby you might not be using your yard to its full advantage. This is where privacy fences come in. A privacy fence can help you avoid all of the annoyances of the outside world so that your yard and garden become the peaceful escape you deserve. If you’re looking for additional privacy, here’s how to transform your regular fence into a privacy fence.

Extend Your Fence  

Before you begin any construction make sure to contact a representative from your local homeowner’s association to ensure that your plans don’t break any rules or regulations. If possible, you might try adding extensions to the tops of your existing fence. These can be both functional and decorative. Once you have your framework in place, you can grow climbing plants along your fence line for greater privacy, but to begin with, a simple extension can help.

Add a Privacy Screen

Adding a privacy screen is a great way to block the outside world, especially if you are in the line of sight of a taller building or structure. This method involves building a second, taller fence a few feet in front of your original one. This may be an excellent way to get around any height regulations as the secondary fencing will be further inside the property line.

Add a Lattice

If your current fencing is a chain link or too wide set you might try adding a lattice screen in front of it. This fix is straightforward as the lattice can be secured to the chain link meaning it doesn’t require too much construction and it will allow for quick installation. If you choose latticing that is slightly higher than your original fence you can increase your privacy. This option is best for those who want minimal privacy but would like to retain air flow.

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