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4 Winter Fence Maintenance Tips

Are you looking for ways to help your fence survive the harsh winter? If yes, we are here to help by providing you a few tips on how to protect your fence during the winter. Read below.

During winter the weather can be very harsh. There is wind, rain, hail and snow that can harm your fencing. Drastic temperature changes can create many challenges for your fence. It is important to keep your fence in mint condition.  You could do this in the following ways:

Add Fence Stain

Applying fence stain to your fence can protect your fence from cold and harsh weather. Fence stain is great to apply to your fence because it protects your fence from moisture and permanent physical damage. You should always check your fence after a winter storm. If there is visible structural damage, then repairs will be necessary to prevent further damaging of the fence during the winter.

Keep the Area Around Your Fence Tidy

Your fence surrounding area needs to be regularly cleaned. Make sure an abundance of debris and leaves are not surrounding your fence. Leaves and debris can cause cracking to your fence because moisture and drastic temperature changes can cause trauma to your fence material.

Keep Mold Off Your Fence

Make sure you keep mold and mildew build up at a minimum on your fence. Do this by scrubbing mold off your fence occasionally. When scrubbing your fence, look for potential termites that could ruin your fence line.

When Should You Inspect Your Fence

You should inspect your fence at least twice a year. Make sure trees are not growing to your fence. If they are growing, the trees should be cut. Be sure to pressure wash your fence at least once a year. Make sure you keep up paint maintenance on your fence. This will help you prevent your fence from rot.

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