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Tips To Make Your Wood Fence Look Great For 10 to 30 Years

Do you have a wood fence or thinking about installing one? If yes, we are here to make your life style a little easier by giving you tips to make your wood fence look fabulous for more than 10 years. Read below to find out how!

Often as a wooden fence ages, it can become gray and unattractive. You might forget the days when it was beautiful and glamorous in appearance. We are here to tell you how you can keep your wooden fence looking just as wonderful as the day you first installed it. Here is how:

Restoring A Fence is Cheaper Than Replacing It

You do not have to tear down your entire fence to replace it with a completely new one. A wooden fence of 30 years of age can even be made to look new again with restorations that only take two or three days to install. You can often save 80% to 90% more with restoration than replacement.

Power Wash Before You Stain Your Fence

Pressure washing can clean away years of gray coloration, black mold, mildew, peeling paint and old stain. You can have a fence makeover and restoration company power wash your fence. It is very affordable to do.

Get Fence Makeover Paid For by Your Home Owners Insurance

Some Home Owners Insurance companies will pay for you to get your fence a makeover. An insurance company would cover a fence makeover based on, for example, weather damage. All you have to do is submit a written bid to your insurance company to restore and repair your fence.

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