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Cheap And Wonderful Backyard Thanksgiving Decorations

Are you looking for cheap but fabulous ways to decorate your backyard for the holidays? If yes, we are here to help give you great decorating ideas. Read below to get your creative juices going!

You do not have to break the bank to have amazing decorations for the Thanksgiving holidays. All you have to do is focus on implementing the harvest time into your Thanksgiving theme. One way to do this is with fall colors such as orange, burgundy, and yellows for a great autumn theme.

Your Backyard is your nature inspiration

Collect a large branch from outside. Collect leaves, pinecones and twigs. Make sure you have a hot glue gun to add your smaller nature materials to the large branch. Use some store bought materials such as raffia, Indian corn and ribbon. You can place the branch horizontally above your front doorway or back door. You can also hang it vertically, if a horizontal position is less appealing. Another great idea is using your branch as part of your Thanksgiving Dinner Centerpiece. If you decide to do this, surround your decorative branch with candles. This will make a wonderful display.

Metallic Pumpkins

Purchase small pumpkins from a local farmers market. You can place your pumpkins on a drop cloth in your backyard. Use metallic spray paint to add sparkle to your pumpkins. Great colors to use are silver, bronze, and copper. It will take the paint hours to dry, so do your decorating the day or so before Thanksgiving. Put decorative ribbons on your pumpkins or artificial leaves.

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