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Halloween Spectacular: Backyard Party for Kids

Want to do something fun in your backyard this Halloween? If yes, throw a Halloween party in your backyard for the kids! The cool fall weather makes Halloween a perfect holiday to have a backyard party! Below are some great ideas to make your Halloween backyard party a blast!

Invitations. Go to your local party store or discount department store to buy your Halloween invitations or custom-make yours! Be sure to let all attendees know that this party will be outdoors so they wear weather appropriate attire and Halloween costumes.

– Decorations. Put faux gravestones made out of Styrofoam in your backyard! Paint them gray or silver! Hang balloons and crepe paper on the backyard fence. Hang ghost from trees. Place candles in clear glasses filled with sand to put on the party table.

– Activities. Have an apple-bobbing contest. Have a holiday treasure hunt by decorating a cardboard box to look like a treasure chest. Fill the box up with dollar store gifts and candy. Throw a Halloween costume parade as well!

Food and Drink. Hamburgers and hot dogs are always great for the kids at a party (can be meat or a vegetarian substitute). Use orange sherbet for a sweet dessert. Have snacks such as chips and dried fruit available as well. And be sure to keep water bottles, soda and juice boxes in a tub to keep your guest hydrated while they have fun!

For more information on making a great Halloween backyard Party, read this article by

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