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Top 10 Great Fall Gardening Essential Tips

Do you love Gardening? If yes, we have 10 great Gardening essential tips for you! Fall is a wonderful time to start preparing your garden for the winter season. These tips will guarantee your greenery will survive the brutal winter nights ahead!

  1. Plant Perennially. At the moment, you have a few weeks before hard frosts hits, to place in flowering plants. If you want a final splash of color, plant the following plants: Dianthus. Hardy Asters. Hardy Chrysanthemum, Ornamental Peppers, Primrose, Ornamental kale, Pansies, and Indian Summer Rudbeckia.
  2. Clean Up. Make sure to clean up your flower and vegetable beds. Weed. Cut back yellowing or brown foliage.
  3. Water Wisely. Remember, when the ground starts to freeze, your plants will no longer get moisture. To help your plants survive, water your lawn, plants, and trees well for the next couple of months. It is most likely the last time they will get a good quench of their thirst.
  4. Prune Perennially. Cut back your late-flowering perennials and shrubs. Cut your peonies to the ground and mulch. You can prune rambler roses right now. However, wait until late winter or early spring to prune other varieties.
  5. Mulch. You should mulch to keep your ground temperature uniform, not warm. When the ground starts to freeze and thaw, your plants heave up and their roots are exposed. You want to avoid this cycle as best as you can. You should wait until the ground is partially frozen to mulch around plants. This will make your plants keep growing.


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