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Painting your Chain Link Fence


Even though a chain link fence is very durable, it still can face aesthetic wear and tear due to the elements.

Just like any project, fence maintenance requires preparation, and you can’t just expect to spray paint your chain link fence and restore it to its former beauty. You need to have the proper tools on hand in order to properly maintain your chain link fence.

Chain Link Fence Maintenance and Rust

As previously mentioned, a chain link fence is very durable, but extreme temperatures and rain will eventually cause certain spots to rust.

Before the painting process can begin, make sure to remove as much rust as you can. Using a wire brush or sandpaper are suggested methods to remove rust and help maintain your fence. This obviously requires a little elbow grease, so be prepared!

Trim the Grass Under your Chain Link Fence

You will need to wash your fence, but it doesn’t make sense it clean it and then trim the grass underneath, which could potentially leave a variety of new stains. Trim the grass underneath the fence as low as you can.

Wash your Chain Link Fence

After as much rust has been removed as possible and you have trimmed your grass, you will want to wash down the fence.

Chain link fences can easily accumulate dirt, leaves and other debris from your yard, so in the long run, it will be easier to use a power washer for this type of project. You can still do things the old fashion way with a bucket and sponge.

Power washers, however, will help to remove old paint chips if your chain link fence was previously painted.

Protect the Yard

You protect your floors and furniture when you paint inside, so you want to take the same concept to the outside world. Make sure to cover your flowerbeds or shrubs with sheets to protect your landscape.

To make sure paint doesn’t drip onto the grass beneath the fence, you can either cover the ground with plastic sheets or use a piece of cardboard to cover the area in which you are working. Some people find the piece of cardboard easier to use.

Supplies Needed for Painting a Chain Link Fence

If you plan on applying a rust-stopping spray or a coat of metal primer, please follow the manufacturer’s directions. Certain primers may not bond properly on your fence, and this can cause peeling. Hiring professionals for a project like this can help avoid these types of issues.

For an accurate paint job for your chain link fence, you will want to buy a roller and a regular paintbrush. The roller will be used on the chain link, and the paintbrush is for the posts of the chain link fence.

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