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What Not to Do When Picking a Fence Color

What Not to Do When Picking a Fence Color

Before you dive into choosing the first fence color you like, read on for a list of things not to do!

Your fence is a very important component of your curb appeal, as well as being an important part of the safety and security of your home. Fences ensure the safety of your family and pets, provide privacy, and may even increase your home’s value. This is all dependent on the fence complementing the rest of your home, however, which means the style, size, and color of the fence are all important considerations. Before you dive into choosing the first fence color you like, read on for a list of things not to do!


Don’t Dive In Without Research

While this may be a project that you want done yesterday (especially if it has been on your to-do list for a while), it is a bad idea to rush in without research. The first thing you’ll have to consider is if you want to stain or paint. If your vision for your fence is a bold, totally opaque color, then paint is likely your best choice. However, once you paint, you cannot easily come back to staining (it’s possible if you sand down the entire fence, but that is an extreme job). Transparent and semi-transparent stains (clear or tinted) can last 2-3 years before they fade or need to be reapplied. Solid stains last 3-5 years. Paint lasts longer, but it still needs upkeep. Most people progress through these options as the fence ages, so you may find that you want to start with little to no color at first. Take time making the decision. If you’re putting in a new vinyl fence, however, you won’t need to stain or paint it – the color you choose now is the color you will have.


Don’t Automatically Opt For A Trend

Just because your neighbor put up a beautiful cedar fence doesn’t mean you can stain your oak fence orange and get the same result. Likewise, choosing a neutral shade that is popular online but doesn’t coordinate with the colors of your house will look thrown-together and disorganized. Start by assessing the colors in your home, especially external trim colors, and build from there.


Don’t Assume You Have To Color It

Just because you can color a wood fence doesn’t mean that you have to. Letting wood age and weather naturally can achieve beautiful and striking results. It may decrease the overall lifespan of your fence, but if you know that there is no way you will be able to maintain the stain or color of your fence, this is a reasonable choice.


Don’t Forget Landscaping

Plan your landscaping while planning your fence. There is a possibility that a hedge could be a better solution than a fence for you. If not, think about the flowers that you hope to have and the colors that you want to see in your yard. If you’re picturing a riot of poppies, don’t opt for that orange fence – they’ll get lost.


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