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Using Your Neighbors Fence to Your Advantage

If your neighbor has just installed a fence that borders your property and you can’t stand to look at it, do something about it. No, don’t knock it down or vandalize it. Instead, use your neighbor’s fence to your advantage. As this article from explains, there are several ways that you can tastefully hide your neighbor’s fence or even use it in the design of your own backyard.

  1. Ask your neighbor’s permission before attaching anything to his/her fence. You don’t want to start a feud.
  2. Plant a vine. A few Wisteria will grow quickly to cover the fence. This is a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing way to soften the look of the fence while adding to the overall design of your backyard.
  3. Choose a hedge. Hedges grow more slowly than vines, but they will cover better. Here are some suggestions for shade-loving hedges:
    1. Eleutherococcus sieboldianus ‘Variegatus’ (Variegated Five-leaf Aralia) is really pretty with varigated foliage, grows easily in most soils, and reaches 6-8 feet.
    2. /Symphoricarpos spp. (snowberry/coralberry)will grow fast almost anywhere, suckers freely, grows to about 6 feet tall. It makes persistent berries for winter interest.
    3. Cherry-laurel has the advantage of being evergreen.
  4. Put up your own support. If you really want to get away with a vine for the speed, but can’t plant over your neighbor’s fence, put up a simple fence or trellis of your own (maybe just wire between poles) and grow something over it fast. Crossvine, Dutchmans pipe, and some jasmines will all grow in deep shade. Even green beans or peas could be a quick cover. You could even make that a temporary measure while you find something else to plant in there.
  5. Incorporate the fence in your own style. Depending on the appearance of the fence, add coordinating elements that tie it into your own garden. For example, if it is a white, metal fence, you could use a shorter white metal fence or border somewhere in your own garden.
  6. Install a fence of your own. If you like the idea of a fence, but you do not like the look of your neighbors, have a custom wood fence of your own installed. This is also a great way to add privacy to your own backyard, while adding to the aesthetic value of your property.

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