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Etiquette Tips for Owning a Fence

For home and business owners, owning a fence benefits them in a multitude of ways. Owning a  fence ameliorates safety measures, keeps others from trespassing, defines a yard and even promotes friendlier relations with neighbors.

However, with all of these perks comes great responsibility. There’s a code of etiquette that new and old fence owners need to follow in order to maintain better relations.

This article from explains innumerable ways people maintain proper fence etiquette.

Nix the Ugly:

If you want to maintain friendly relations with your neighbor and nonverbally communicate to them, that you think they are swell than please don’t  give them the ugly side of of your fence. Remember that the rail side should face inward.

You’re not the only one who has to look at your fence, everyone else does too. So re-paint your fence if it needs it, take out the rot and remove any flaking pieces of paint. A nice fence propels a good image.

Neighbor Consultation and Communication:

If you build a fence, then you must let your neighbor know ahead of time.Always let them know, ahead of time what kind of fence you are interested in getting. You never know, they may  offer to help you pay or maintain the fence.

To avoid confusion with your neighbor: it’s good to pull up your deed to pinpoint property lines, open up communication about the fence’s style, and  if your neighbor is interested in sharing  a fence with you, just draw up legal documents as a measure to prevent any setbacks in the future.

Joint Construction: 
So what if your neighbor already has a fence?  Well, talk to your neighbor about building a privacy fence together.  It not only saves time and money, but you can build it with the side that is already adjacent to you.
Follow HOA Rules:
The Home Owner’s Association (HOA) has rules and statutes that homeowners must follow. If you want to build your fence without breaking any rules, please refer to it first before you construct your fence.

Fences serve specific purposes while still adding to the overall ornate value of your home or business. They also carry with them burgeoning responsibility and etiquette that must be followed accordingly. If you have any questions, contact Hercules Fence by calling (800) TU FENCE or click here today!

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