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Privacy Slats for Chain-Link Fences: What You Need to Know


Privacy Slats for Chain-Link Fences: What You Need to Know

Make sure you have an understanding of privacy slats before you purchase them.

Chain-link fences aren’t exactly known for their privacy. If you have one of these fences yourself, you likely know this already. You should be able to enjoy your yard without the concern of people leering through your fence. Fortunately, this can be accomplished if you invest in privacy slats for your fence. Before you do, though, there are a few things you should know about them. Make sure you have an understanding of privacy slats before you purchase them.

Not All Privacy Slats are Made Equally

All fences are different, and just like fences, privacy slats come in all sorts of varieties. Some are cheaper to purchase, but they are often made out of cheap material that is prone to cracking and fading. It’s best if you put the extra dollar forward to guarantee that the privacy slats you get are worth your while. You’ll ultimately save money because you won’t have to continue purchasing new slats when your old ones fail.

Privacy Slats Aren’t Difficult to Install

What’s great about these slats is the simplicity in the installation process. Many will slip right into your chain-link fencing without any trouble. This makes the process quick and easy, which also means you won’t have to put aside a hefty chunk of time to get the job done.

You Can Purchase Them in Bags

You will usually be able to buy these slats in bags. The number of slats you get will often be enough to cover roughly ten feet’s worth of fencing. You will typically end up spending only a couple of dollars for every foot’s worth of slats, so it’s a fairly cost-effective way to add some privacy to your chain-link fencing.

Privacy Slats Come in All Kinds of Heights

You can get privacy slats that are anywhere from three feet in height all the way up to ten feet or even higher! For chain-link fencing, it’s usually enough to go with slats that are between four and six feet. This height range is considered to be standard. It’s easy to cut slats if necessary, which allows you to trim them down to precise sizes if you deem it necessary.

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