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What to Ask Yourself When Getting a Fence Gate

What to Ask Yourself When Getting a Fence Gate

Here are questions you should ponder when you’re getting a fence gate installed.

People have all kinds of reasons for installing fences on their properties. They help promote privacy around the yard. They make your house more secure. They can also raise your home’s overall curb appeal. It’s a whole other situation when getting a fence gate installed, though. There are all kinds of questions you have to ask yourself. Fences are great to have, but if you can’t get through your fence, all you’re doing is locking yourself within your yard. Here are questions you should ponder when you’re getting a fence gate installed.

How Difficult Is It To Get Through the Fence Gate?

The fence gate is the point on your fence that is easiest to bypass. This makes sense because it is the spot that is intended to be breached. How difficult it is to get through your fence gate influences how secure your property is. The kind of fence gate you get will be influenced by who needs to be kept in the yard and who has to be kept out.

As an example, you don’t need a gate that’s hard to bypass if you’re only trying to keep pets and small children from getting out. Just use a latch and keep it out of their reach, and you should be fine. Locked gates are better if you want to keep potential intruders away.

Are You Going for Appearance, Function, or Both?

A fence gate can become a focal point of your yard, or it can simply blend in with the other parts of your outdoor landscape. You can get all sorts of designs for your fence gate. They can have symbols on them, such as your initials, or you could keep them plain, among other options. Gates in the front yard tend to benefit from a little extra aesthetic appeal because passersby will see the gate more often. For the backyard, however, you likely won’t get a lot of attention for your gate, so blending it in with everything else in your yard can be a great idea.

Think About Your Natural Surroundings

Your fence gate is going to be outside, and the greenery isn’t going to stay the same over the years. Therefore, you have to be ready for change. Trees and bushes can start off not being intrusive, but they could get in the way later. You’ll have to stay on top of trimming if you want to keep plants from swallowing up your fence gate. It also helps to ask a professional fencing company about what to do to keep plants at bay.

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