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What Are the Best Fences for Children?

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What are the best fences for your family’s safety?

Fences aren’t just great for keeping things out of your yard, they are also great for keeping things in your yard, like children! Whether you have young toddlers just learning to talk or older children who are spending lots of time playing outdoors, how can you choose the best fence for your yard? Here are some fast facts about the best fences to keep your children safe.

Is Your Fence Clean and Stable?
Older fences typically need a little bit of fixing to be safe for children to play around.
Take the time to slowly inspect the entire length of the fence. Start by checking
boards and posts to see if any of them are wobbly, loose, or rotting. Anything that is
damaged should be replaced immediately. Do you have an older wooden fence in
your yard? Take the time to scrape off any chipping paint and clean the length of the
fence. Once the surface is clean, give it a fresh coat of paint or wood stain. Do you
have a vinyl fence in your yard? Take the time to wash it down and get rid of any
mold, mildew, dirt, or debris.
Is Your Fence Secure?
Next, you need to make sure that your fence is secure. A child-safe fence is one that
has a good quality gate that properly latches. Make sure that your gate is not easy
for your child to open, otherwise that completely defeats the purpose. Thoroughly
check your latches to ensure that they catch every time the gate is closed and aren’t
easy to open from any angle. A little bit of time invested now is a great way to
prevent your child from being in danger in the future.
Can Your Fence Be Climbed?
Make sure that your fence cannot easily be scaled from the outside or inside. The
best fence for children will be one that your children cannot simply climb to get
over. If you are installing a brand new fence, make sure that there is nothing nearby
that your children could grab to scale the fence. Your fence should be at least four
feet tall, or you can always choose a taller privacy-style fence for greater safety and
New Fences for All of Your Needs
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