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Deciding on Security Fencing For Your Home

Deciding on Security Fencing For Your Home

If you’re thinking about installing security fencing, there are a few traits your fence should have.

A lot of homeowners who install a fence aren’t too sure of what purpose it’s supposed to serve. But hey, a fence is better than having no fence, isn’t it? Well, this isn’t necessarily true. If you’re going to install a fence, it should have a purpose. For many people, they use fencing to increase their home’s security. If you’re thinking about installing security fencing, there are a few traits your fence should have.

Security Fencing Doesn’t Let People Hide

You should always go with see-through security fencing. This is because some people use fences as the perfect hiding spot while they survey your property and look for the best place to infiltrate. While you may be concerned that people can see your house with little trouble using a see-through fence, potential intruders have to be aware that you can also see them.

Security Fencing Should Be Difficult to Scale

Your fence should be an effective barrier for anyone who tries to get over it. This means your fence should be at least 8 feet in height, if not taller. This keeps people from simply hopping over your security fencing. Keep in mind that many homeowners associations have restrictions on how tall your fence can be, so check the regulations in your area beforehand.

The security fence should also have minimal horizontal rails. These grant people stepping stones that allow them to scale tall fences.

Lastly, the fence should have a spiked or pointed top. This dissuades people from reaching the top of your fence since it can harm anyone who tries to climb over it.

Security Fencing Should Be Tough to Bypass

Security fences are no good if they can’t keep people away. To keep your fencing as secure as possible, it needs to be impervious to cutting and be strongly secured to the ground by using concrete. Secure gates are also appreciated, and these gates should be padlocked. While you will need to pay a little extra money to maximize the protection your security fencing offers, the protection is easily worth the money you spend.

Let Hercules Fence Help Set Up The Perfect Fence For You

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